Shirley brings a wealth of expertise to her role as Play-Ex ambassador. Few can match the star’s awareness of the difficulties that pro athletes must navigate on their journey to the top.

Dundee-born Shirley still competes today, balancing life in the boat with sports commentary for TV. Her monthly podcasts explore the tales behind sailing’s most successful athletes, through interviews that reveal Shirley’s undying passion for the sport she began as a child.

Shirley Robertson OBE – Play-Ex Ambassador

Top of her class

Shirley was just seven when she first took to the waves near the family home in Clackmannanshire, aboard the Mirror Miracle – a dingy her dad made in the garage.

After graduating from Heriot-Watt University, she set a course for Olympic glory, eventually breaking onto the world’s most prestigious stage in Barcelona ’92, and again in Atlanta ’96.

As a new millennium dawned, Shirley took gold sailing her Europe class yacht in the shadow of the Sydney Opera House. Four years later in Athens, she led “three blondes in a boat” in the Yngling class to top the podium once again.

Lifelong leadership

Shirley became the best because she dedicated absolutely everything to beating the competition, time and again. As a professional athlete, you always want to give your all. But this can be easier said than done if life beyond the field of play isn’t running smoothly.

Play-Ex helps by giving you safe, speedy access to sponsorship opportunities, specialist insurance, financial advice, mortgage guidance and other crucial building blocks that sportsmen and women need to get stability in their private lives.

Shirley has intimate knowledge of the elite athlete’s journey to the top. Now on board as Play-Ex ambassador, her insight informs the world-class guidance we provide.

Shirley Robertson sailing

“I’ve first-hand experience of the challenges pro sportsmen and women are up against. The Play-Ex platform genuinely helps; it saves a huge amount of time researching the market, and there’s no cost. I’m excited to be on board as brand ambassador.”

Shirley Robertson OBE

Straight-talking, simple, transparent.

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