Play-Ex OOH car advertising

Sports Professionals generate a huge amount of interest from the general public. Whether it’s driving to a tournament or making a personal appearance, Sports Professionals are almost constantly in the public eye.

Play-Ex can help your brand leverage this attention with our unique OOH coverage with digital attribution.

This opportunity is way more than just ads on cars. It’s an exciting new blend of digital, out-of-home and social media marketing all rolled into one.

Supercharge your outdoor advertising, grab attention and track everything.

By using state of the art, measurable OOH advertising combined with digital attribution we’ll help get your campaign maximum exposure, all at the fraction of the cost of traditional OOH media.

Play-Ex car advertising

Some of the benefits of advertising on Sports Professionals’ cars:

  • Attention grabbing! Sports Professionals generate huge interest from the general public.
  • Choose locations. With the ability to run national, regional and local campaigns, you can target the audience you want to reach where you want to reach them.
  • Athletes travel up to 10x more miles than the average motorist.
  • Unique OOH (out of home) and Digital Marketing at populated sports and entertainment venues.
  • Real time data analysis and campaign tracking.
  • Shadow FencingAttribution and Geo Fencing technology.
  • Environmentally friendly – vehicles used are typically hybrid or fully electric.
  • Nationwide opportunities from only £350pm.

Athletes as influencers

Built in audiences and networks within this community.

Your chance to affiliate with thought and community leaders across the country.

Add value to the campaign by arranging monthly post or shout out’s across social media via their personal channels.

Supporting the community

Vehicles across the UK driving from 2000 to 6000 miles per month, both Nationally and Locally.

Daily routes include:

  • Training facilities
  • Gyms
  • Events and stadiums
  • Tournaments

True one-to-one relevant ad messaging in real-time.


Understand which customers came from your OOH adverts.


Be front of mind, all the time, with effortless optimisation.


Capture attention in the right place, at the right time.

Reach out to your target audience and get your brand noticed.

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