GB fencer Elliott Grover.

Q&A with Elliott Grover.

This week at Play-Ex Sports we’ve enjoyed speaking with GBR fencer Elliott Grover to discover more about his career.

July 20, 2021|8 Minutes
1. Where did it start and how’s it going?

My fencing career started at school at the age of 10, when joining that class for the first time I had never suspected just how much that would impact my life. I won my first ever competition at aged 12 and proceeded to fence at local and national levels. I still remember a time when travelling to Sheffield for the national championships was seen as a long journey. 1 Commonwealth Gold, 2 national titles and 5 years of Senior GBR representation later and I am living in Germany training at Bayer Leverkusen aiming to be the best athlete I can be whilst competing in World Cups all over the world.


2. What is the most enjoyable part of your career?

The team spirit, with a small team of 3 fencers, we have gotten to know each other really well and have spent a huge amount of time together. Through wins and losses we have maintained that team spirit and it is something I will remember. Leaving the training hall, after a hard session and putting in the work is also one of the most satisfying experiences.


3. Who has had the biggest influence on your career so far?

My current coach David Keszler, I have known him since I was 16 years old and have followed him through many clubs and abroad to Germany. He has had a huge impact on my career and continues to bring the best out of me.


4. What is your favourite memory or achievement so far?

Being in the first GB Epee Fencing team after 10 years to reform and compete, beating Olympic Gold medalists Japan in Vancouver in my first event with the team. An unranked team beating the 5th best in the world at that point demonstrated the ability that we have in the team.


5. If you could improve one area of your performance, what would it be?

I moved to Germany to gain more exposure to world class fencing and train in a world class environment and within the next few years I expect my performance to improve. Alongside that I would definitely say in the area of Sports Psychology. It’s an area of performance all athletes can develop and improve and it is hugely rewarding when invested in.


6. Do you have any superstitions or routines that you stick to before competing tournaments?

I make sure that all my kit is functioning and working the day before the event. Methodically going through each bit of kit to ensure it is working. I then go to video analysis the night before to view everyone in my group for the next day to create my game plan. Every competition has the same routine, I will warm up, fence with my teammates and then listen to my competition playlist before heading to the piste to compete for the first match of the day. I will also win the last match of the warmup to relax and be in a winning mentality to start competing.


7. What do you enjoy doing outside of sport?

Outside of the sport, I am a master’s student in Psychology as I really enjoy learning and studying human behaviour. It is important to have time away from the sport and enjoy relaxing and meeting up with friends at times. I also have participated in teams that build and develop apps and other projects.


8. What’s the biggest challenge of being a sports professional?

The challenge as a sports professional in a sport like Fencing is having to be a self-funded athlete. Building the skills that enable you to have a dual-career that you can build around your training in order to achieve the goals you set yourself as an athlete.


9. What’s the best piece of advice you would give to any aspiring sports professional?

You’ll never know if you don’t try. Aim high and take the risks you need to do to achieve it. It’s worse not knowing what could’ve been.


10. How did you come across Play-Ex Sports and what do you like about the platform?

Play-Ex Sports found me and recommended me to their site. I have been really impressed by their team and the quality of their service. The access to services are incredibly useful for all athlete needs, in particular sponsorship where they have been invaluable at reviewing my work and sponsorship material.



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