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Matt Williams
PGA Golf Professional

If you’re a professional athlete looking for car insurance you may find it quite difficult to get the best deals when searching on price comparison sites.

Many standard vehicle insurance companies see professional athletes as high-risk customers. Expensive premiums are the norm, and some will even refuse to insure you. There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, if you are a professional athlete, you are more likely to have another professional athlete in your car. In the event of an accident, there is the chance that a higher than average pay out may be claimed to cover the loss of earnings due to injury. This is one reason that athletes competing in individual sports often pay slightly less than those involved in team sports.

A second reason for the higher car insurance premiums that you might pay as a professional athlete is your public profile. Insurance companies take into account the fact that you might be a person of interest to fans or even the press. If you are, the chances of you being followed in your car are higher, and therefore the chances of an accident are increased.

A final reason that you might be paying too much for your car insurance is based on reputation. Unfortunately there is evidence to show that professional athletes are more likely to pick up points for things like speeding or using mobile phones than many other professions.

All of which means that a search for car insurance via standard price comparison sites will almost certainly bring up quotes that are far too high.

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